Music Producer

I'm a Music Producer, Live Instrumentalist and Songwriter working out of a studio based in Bedford, England. The songs I've worked on will describe my music better than any wall of text here can, so feel free to scroll down and take a listen. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh Genius - Golden Sound (feat. KeilyN)


Welcome! So you found one of the "easter egg" pages that have been made. I'm guessing you either found the gold copyright sign at the bottom of the web page or someone has sent you a link directly to this page. Either way, I'm glad you could be here, so feel free to download a song I was involved in many years ago.


A direct download link is here.


Or you can stream below:




We made this ages ago, way before KeilyN's first project if I remember correctly. The song is called 'Golden Sound' because KeilyN actually referenced this phrase in a rough version of the song, but for reasons I can't recall, that verse was never sent to me so the song just forever remained unfinished. Cool song though.


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I do ;)




Oh Genius